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Where to Eat

With more than 30 on-campus dining locations, you're never far from a gourmet sit-down meal, a customized salad, a quick slice of authentic New York-style pizza ... or just a cup of coffee between classes.

In our ten All You Care To Eat dining rooms you can choose from hundreds of menu options, sampling and enjoying extra helpings at no extra cost. Guests on a meal plan just swipe their card at the door; other guests may pay with cash or credit card.

Our cafés, food courts, and coffee houses offer an a la carte dining experience, with options as diverse as Trillium's six specialty food stations to the Cornell Dairy Bar's selection of ice cream, yogurt, pudding, and Big Red Cheddar, produced right here at Cornell's very own dairy processing plant. 

You'll also find three convenience stores on campus with a large inventory of groceries, toiletries, and snacks.  Along with their main retail sections, Bear Necessities includes a popular grill, and Jansen's Market offers specialty coffees, desserts, smoothies, and bubble tea. 

North Campus dining locations:

Central Campus dining locations:

West Campus dining locations:

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