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Dear 2014-2015 Balch residents,

We are so excited to have you spend your first year at Cornell with us! To learn more about the Balch community, please check out our summer newsletter: Balch Newsletter: Summer 2014

Welcome to Balch!

Hi everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kimberly Barth Anderson, and I’m the Residence Hall Director of Balch Hall. Paul Merrill (Balch Faculty-in-Residence) and I decided to create this blog to provide a dynamic way to communicate what’s going on in the Balch community, past-present-future. Keep following for more Balch-related insights, updates, and activities!

Welcome to Balch Hall!

So you just learned where you will be living for your first year at Cornell, Balch Hall. As your Residence Hall Director, I'm hoping you're looking forward to meeting your new neighbors and being an active part of your new community. The staff in Balch strives to make our community welcoming, fun, and supportive for everyone. Our goal is to make Balch your home away from home… and yes, guests of all genders are allowed to visit. Balch is a beautiful place with remarkable décor. It's conveniently located on North Campus just steps away from Central Campus, and we have an outstanding staff (including RAs and Faculty) that is excited to meet you and make your transition into Cornell smooth, quick, and memorable!

If you have questions, please contact the Housing & Dining Contracts Office ( or Balch's direct email address ( 

Kimberly Barth, '06
RHD - Balch Hall
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